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General Questions and How-Tos / How do I register at the forum?
« Last post by Administrator on August 13, 2014, 09:58:08 AM »
You don't need a separate registration at the forum, but you need to register and login at the main website
You can access your e-mail box at

You could also setup your phone/tablet/computer. Please follow the instructions at

You will need to designate the following POP3/SMTP/IMAP server details:
  • SMTP server:, port 465
  • POP3 server:, port 995
  • IMAP server:, port 993
To change you e-mail password, please access the web-interface at
After login, before actually going inside your mail box by selecting the web-client, you will see the icon Password Change.
Follow the prompts to change your password.
Yes, parents and students can get FREE e-mail accounts at
Please ask Mr.K to create your personal account with the pre-assigned login ID and password.

For uniformity and accountability , we recommend to choose login ID in the form [firstname].[lastname]
After account is created, you would be able to access your mail box and to change the password.
General Questions and How-Tos / How can I change the e-mail account password?
« Last post by lkoptsio on August 08, 2014, 11:09:07 AM »
Can I change the pre-assigned to me e-mail password? How?
It there a web-interface client? How to set up phone/tablet/PC to receive e-mail?
General Questions and How-Tos / How do I get the e-mail ?
« Last post by lkoptsio on August 08, 2014, 11:03:50 AM »
Is it possible to get personal E-mail
General Discussion / Welcome to the Forum at Pi Math School!
« Last post by Simple Machines on August 05, 2014, 01:21:53 PM »
Welcome to Pi Math School Forum!

We hope you enjoy using our forum.

Pi Math School
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